Feature Article SERIES – How The Keane Group is Exercising

The last months of the year (August through December) the Keane Chronicle asks employees to contribute appropriately to each monthly series. This month spotlights exercise, and our first article is from Erin Stone!

In early 2010, I signed up to walk 39.3 miles for Breast Cancer. I had always enjoyed walking, but had never even trained for a half marathon. I walked for exercise and stopped when I wanted, so when training began in early March, I was so overwhelmed. My first “long” walk was 5 miles and I made it without dying…. so the training continued.

Walking is a great form of exercise and is free! There are great trails in St. Louis, which offer long walks or short walks depending on the desired distance. One of my favorite trails is Cliff Cave Park, which is a 5 mile loop along the Mississippi River. It is a beautiful walk! My training for the race had me walking 3 medium walks (3- 4 miles) during the week and 2 long walks (10- 20 miles) on the weekends. It was time consuming, but was all worth it when I finished 39.3 miles in June! It is amazing what your body can do when pushed! I was instantly addicted to walking and can’t wait for the next race in October. I would highly recommend walking, anyone can do it. Start where you feel comfortable and before you know it you will be surprised at how you feel! My 5 year old daughter told me throughout my training, “When you want to quit, just keep walking, just keep walking!“, a Finding Nemo reference.