How The Keane Group is Exercising – Linda Kohnen

As some of you know, I love playing sports.  Well, this summer, I decided to concentrate on my golf “game”.  I first played the game a few years ago, by accident, and unexpectedly fell in love with it… but that was as far as it got.  Last fall I took lessons and learned that my years of playing softball were definitely not a plus for developing a good golf swing.  I persevered, and with a bit of time and practice started feeling a bit more comfortable.  After a few sessions on the golf course with a friend that has been playing since age four, last week I played what I could actually categorize as a true “game” of golf… meaning I was able to decide myself what club I should use to tee off each hole, utilized golf etiquette to the best of my ability… and had a score I was willing to share with others!!  Still enjoy biking riding with my group “JoyRiders” and doing my sunrise walking with Tammy, too.