What’s New at The Keane Group?

Much time has passed since the last blog entry!!  So what have we been up to?  We are having a great year: our brokers are adding new clients every month and our service staff is working hard to make sure that our clients are happy.  In fact, our staff does such a good job that we retain clients at a higher rate than any other medical malpractice broker.  We feel the key to success in our business is not only to gain growth with new clients, but to keep those clients for the long haul.

While rates for medical malpractice insurance have stabilized or even dropped in some states, we have been busy getting our message out.  We’ve expanded to all 50 states now and are currently enjoying new relationships with physicians, clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals all over the country.  This expansion has also meant new opportunities for relationships with MedMal Insurance carriers.  We now have access to more medical professional liability insurance companies than we’ve ever had in our 16 years in business.  So what does that mean for our current and potential clients?  More options, lower rates, better coverage, easier process!

So check back here periodically for more information to help keep you informed.  And let us know if we can help in any way.