Help Us Help Others

Join us June 4th at Westborough Country Club in Kirkwood for the 4th Annual KeaneyShack Golf Tournament to benefit the Haiti Orphan Project (HOPE), the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the James E. Hofer Scholarship for members of the MGMA of Greater St. Louis. Our past events have raised over $10,000 each year for these important causes.  

The Keane Insurance Group established The Keane Charitable Group in 2009 in an effort to make a difference in the world by supporting charities close to our hearts.  Shortly after our foundation’s formation, one of the most devastating earthquakes in history hit Haiti in January 2010, leaving millions of people in need of emergency aid.  Due to the death toll and the number of demolished homes, one of the biggest problems after the earth quake was the increasing number of orphans.  In a country where there were already hundreds of thousands of orphaned and abandoned children, the disaster immediately intensified the issue.  A few months after the earth quake our president, John Keane, felt he needed to get involved to try to do something to help somehow.

After his first visit to Haiti in coordination with an organization that one of our brokers had been involved in even before the earth quake, John was determined to do everything he could to help the most helpless victims: Children.  Specifically orphaned and abandoned children.  John immediately contributed his own funds to serve the needs of the orphaned children by starting the Haiti Orphan Project (HOPE).  In the two years since that time, HOPE has begun building an orphanage “village” with the vision of including housing, clean water, a school building, and a medical clinic.  All of the materials are purchased in Haiti and the labor is provided by Haitian workers, which will help boost the economy there and give people steady work.  Furthermore, these villages will establish micro-business enterprises to provide sustainable jobs and income for the “village.” Most importantly, there are already 24 children living in the first village who had no home before this village was established.

A portion of funds for HOPE comes from The Keane Insurance Group profits.  In addition, many individuals, foundations and companies have contributed to make the orphan village a reality and to help with the ongoing cost to care for the orphans.

The Keane Group not only helps raise money throughout the year for HOPE, we have also sent employees to visit the orphans and staff.  These visits provide great exposure to the sometimes harsh realities of life in Haiti.  But they also provide incredible times of encouragement to the children and the caring staff of the orphan village.  So far, 24 different Keane Group employees, five spouses of employees and seven children of employees have made a trip to Haiti.

Would you please consider joining The Keane Group in our effort to help innocent children in Haiti?  You can help out by donating to or participating in this year’s KeaneyShack golf outing, which promises to be another exciting day of fun with delicious food & beverages, CaddyShack Trivia, and incredible giveaways and prizes on an excellent course in Kirkwood.  Sign up today so you don’t miss out!  Contact Monte Shields or click this link for registration information: