An Insurance Broker Represents You: Five Reasons to Work with The Keane Insurance Group

Physicians and administrators have a great deal to consider when choosing whether to work with a medical professional liability insurance company directly or to work with a broker with more options.  There are many good reasons to work with a broker that has access to multiple insurance carriers as opposed to dealing with a company directly.  As your policy renewal date approaches consider this: You need someone to guide you in this important decision as a Partner, an Advocate, and a Leader.

The Keane Group works for the physician or group to find the best coverage to meet the specific practice needs.  As an independent broker specializing in medical malpractice insurance we know the best options available, save physicians time and money, and make sure the physician and practice are protected. 

 Here are just a few of the reasons to work with The Keane Group:

1.  The Keane Group Represents You

Checking out all the options, negotiating the best rates, and interpreting the policies can be an extremely complicated process.  Physicians need someone on their side, a partner, to negotiate all the details of finding and purchasing medical malpractice insurance coverage. 

Unlike an insurance company agent who only works for one company, we represent the client and have access to multiple insurance carriers.  There are many variables when considering coverage for medical malpractice insurance, and we know which option is best depending on the physician specialty and procedures, geographic location, discounts available, and financial strength of the companies. 

2.  You Know Us: The Keane Group has Established, Long-Term Relationships

The relationship is with The Keane Group not the insurance company!  It can be difficult and sometimes even intimidating to deal with a large insurance carrier.  The personal touch and day-to-day service that we provide saves physicians and office administrators time because we know how to navigate the system, who to contact for specific situations, and how to get the correct information.  The Keane Group also has long standing relationships with the insurance company underwriters, which helps when negotiating coverage and price.  In addition, brokers have connections to companies that physicians cannot access on their own.  Our personal attention to detail means physicians and office administrators get immediate answers to questions, and quick service when requesting information. 

3.  The Keane Group Brokers are Professionals

Because we are experts in the complexities of medical malpractice insurance, our brokers use their knowledge of the industry and their connections with the insurance carriers to provide complete coverage.  When choosing a medical malpractice policy there is more to consider than just price.  Every insurance policy is different.  We inform clients of policy features such as “consent to settle” language, coverage triggers, and any exclusions that may apply.  We can also advise physicians on additional coverage for Medical Directors, ancillary personnel and policies to protect against HIPAA violations, RAC audits, and Cyber Liability risks. 

4.   The Keane Group is on Your Side

It is a broker’s responsibility to be an advocate for physician clients.  In addition to finding the best coverage at the best value, brokers are constantly watching the medical professional liability market and keeping clients informed about changes in companies and policies, and offering alternative options at renewal time.  In our 17 years in business we have seen insurance companies come and go in and out of the medical malpractice market.   The cyclical nature of the insurance business means that an insurance company that is “just the right thing at just the right time” might not be the right choice anymore when things change.  Physicians that work with The Keane group have an advocate, a watchdog, at work for them making sure that their practice is protected by a financially secure company that has the physicians’ best interest in mind.

5.  You Can Trust The Keane Group

As the leader in medical professional liability insurance, The Keane Group has always done business with integrity.  We take this responsibility very seriously.  Our family-owned business has been around for over 17 years, and we plan to pass on the ideals of integrity and hard work to the generations that follow.  In an age where loyalty, longevity, and integrity are rare, we feel that these are the ingredients for the perfect recipe, putting ourselves in the best position to serve our clients well. 

We have always felt it important to speak the truth, even if it means we risk losing business, because ultimately we are here for you.