Court Denies Missouri Professionals Mutual’s Attempt to Get Keane Insurance Group’s Tortious Interference Claims Dismissed

Judge Richard Bresnahan has denied a motion by Timothy H. Trout, LLC (Trout) and Missouri Professionals Mutual (MPM) to dismiss tortious interference with business expectancies claims that Keane Insurance Group, Inc. (Keane) filed against those two companies in the Circuit Court for St. Louis County.  The ruling, which was made on April 18, 2014, means the Keane Insurance Group, Inc. can proceed to trial on its damage claims against MPM, a medical malpractice insurance company, and its management company, Timothy H. Trout, LLC, based on theories of tortious interference with business expectancies, conversion, misappropriation of trade secrets, defamation, tampering with computer data, and conspiracy to breach contract.  READ FULL STORY

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