COO, Brian Dames, Named Partner at Keane Group

We recently announced that Brian Dames, has been named partner in the firm as well as a minority stockholder, signifying the agency’s appreciation and recognition of Dames’ commitment, hard work and success over the last decade.

Dames came to the Keane Group in 2003 with experience and a proven track record of successful sales and sales management in the semiconductor industry.  Since joining Keane as Director of New Business Development, Dames has helped lead the independent medical professional liability insurance agency from a regional to a national company doing business in 48 states with more than 50 insurance carriers.  He was promoted to COO in 2011 as he took on more responsibility in strategic planning and overall operations.

President of the Keane Group, John Keane, commented, “Brian has been instrumental in the growth of the agency and we would not have the trusted relationships that we have with our carriers and our clients without his leadership.  I am pleased about this partnership on both a professional and a personal level.  First, Brian has helped this agency to establish a national presence in the market.  And second, Brian and I have shared a friendship since childhood which has led to a very trusting, rewarding and enjoyable working relationship.”

As a partner in the firm, Dames will continue in his role as COO focusing on growth strategies as well as new products and services for healthcare providers.