Keane Private Client Group Benefits


The Keane Private Client Group is an exclusive benefit for medical providers who obtain their medical professional liability insurance through the Keane Group.  If you could benefit from these expanded services give us a call.

Keane Private Client Group Benefits:


  • ThinkHR –  An online resource with legal help and answers to hundreds of HR questions 24 hours a day, any day, every day.  We give this to your office manager FREE!  Learn more about ThinkHR at their website.


  • Mediprocity –  A HIPAA compliant texting solution for physicians, office staff, hospitals, and nursing homes.  Mobile app allows attachments and communicates with any mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.  We give this to physicians and 2 staff members FREE!  Learn more about Mediprocity at their website!


  • Keane’s Lump Sum Disability Plan –  Our own program with discounted rates on a $3,000,000 Guaranteed Issue Lump Sum Disability Insurance plan with a Tax-Free benefit.  Could you survive on the monthly income your current disability plan would pay if you are unable to work?  Protect your earning power with our true “Own Occupation” coverage designed specifically for physicians.  Get a quote online.

With great rates on medical professional liability insurance and the added benefits of the Keane Private Client Group, there are more reasons than ever to call us at 800.966.7731.