The Keane Difference

Protect. Inspire. Solve.

With hospital and physician clients all over the country, The Keane Insurance Group is one of the largest medical professional liability insurance brokers in the Nation. We offer access to more carriers and more innovative solutions than anyone in the industry.  All lines of insurance for hospitals, senior care facilities, surgery centers, ACOs, large groups, and individual providers.

The Keane Insurance Group has been nothing but exceptional.  They have great customer service, answering all questions and handling any situation.  Our consultant, Jeff Hebenstreit, has been nothing but open and honest and annually fighting for the best rates possible.  Both he and the company make us feel like family rather than just a client.

Susie Estrada, Practice Manager

Elite Women’s Care – Hoffman Estates, IL

Our professional partnership with the Keane Group is integral to our mission to advance, protect and reward the practice of good medicine. We share a common goal in advocating for physicians, and value the expertise and integrity they bring to their important role in delivering insurance protection to their clients.

Bill Fleming

Chief Operating Officer, The Doctors Company

Our Story

The Keane Insurance Group began in 1995 as an independent brokerage specializing in medical professional liability insurance for physicians and other healthcare providers.  Focusing completely on healthcare meant that clients were confident they were getting the best service and best coverage in the industry.  Since that time Keane has evolved with the ever-changing healthcare landscape by staying informed about changes and anticipating clients’ needs.

As our reputation for providing creative, alternative insurance solutions grew, opportunities to expand both vertically and horizontally grew as well.  Growth came in the form of new products for large groups, ACOs, hospitals, urgent care and surgery centers, and long term care facilities.  Product offerings were expanded to include free HR assistance, disability insurance plans, coverage for Cyber Liability, and more .  Growth also came in the form of expansion into multiple states as we partnered with more than 50 different medical professional liability insurance companies and added clients across the Nation. 

Strategic innovation, partnerships, and advanced technology led Keane to growth geographically with steady expansion into all 50 states.  Our team of medical professional liability brokers lead the way acting as consultants and advisors to more than 5,000 clients in every type of facility, specialty, and state.

The Keane Insurance Group continues to grow and exceed client expectations  by leveraging size, knowledge, and experience to find the best possible coverage at the best possible prices for all of our clients and partners.

Our Locations

Map of Office Locations

The Keane Insurance Group is a national broker, with offices in eight states, and the ability to secure coverage for any healthcare professional anywhere in the nation. We have Medical Practice Consultants licensed in all 50 states and we continue to expand our physical footprint even as our virtual presence becomes equally important. Additionally, as a Hilb Group Company we have direct access to peers and partners throughout the nation with specialties in all kinds of additional services and coverages. Together we have formed a network of trusted partners that guarantees that whatever the need, whatever the type of organization, whatever the size or scope of the request, we have you covered.

Our Partners

The Keane Insurance Group has established one of the best networks of insurance carriers and partners available in order to provide our physicians, groups, hospitals, and networks the best coverage available to fulfill their unique needs. You can see all of our partners here.

Our Promise

The Keane Group exists to impact and change the world around us for the better.  Our MISSION is to care for people by providing a safe and trusting environment which inspires everyone to flourish as we deliver creative and innovative solutions to the healthcare community.

As a part of our mission, we’ve developed a VISION for the company to realize and celebrate the full potential of all the lives we touch.  This is true for our clients as well as our employees and business partners.

Based on our MISSION and VISION, we have corporate VALUES that we have set as our day-to-day goals:

  • Always listen to and act in the best interest of all our stakeholders
  • Maintain the highest level of professionalism in our relationships
  • Operate with integrity and moral courage in all that we do
  • Provide an environment for our employees that encourages teamwork, trust, respect and accountability
  • Promote an environment of continuous improvement, which celebrates strategic thinking, creativity, and innovation
  • Be proactive to meet the needs of a rapidly changing healthcare environment
  • Give to, serve with, and support charitable works in our community and around the world

I have worked with Ben for several years and he has helped me to save significantly on my professional liability coverage, and has also helped me to ensure that I have sufficient income protection against permanent disability.  Ben and his team at Keane are knowledgeable, highly responsive, and easy to work with.

Brett Henderson, MD

Southern New Mexico Neurosurgery, LLC