The Keane Charitable Group

The Keane Charitable Group, a registered 501(c)(3), was founded by John Keane in 2010 as an avenue by which the Keane Insurance Group could give back to the community and those in need. While the Keane Charitable Group does support a number of worthy causes, since 2011 the majority of our efforts have been focused on what was initially called The Haiti Orphan Project (HOPE), but has since become The Hope Community Project.

The Hope Community Project, under the leadership of founder John Keane, the board, and the Executive Director Les Prouty focuses on three primary areas of service and support to Haiti’s poorest children and their families.

The Hope Education Project. The Hope Community Project partners with families to help provide educational opportunities for children. Schooling is all private in Haiti and must be paid for. However, if parents can afford to have their children in school it guarantees that those children will receive at least one nutritious meal a day and it frees up the parents to work and use their resources on behalf of the family, rather than having to consider putting their child into an orphanage to ensure that he or she is fed.

The Hope Medical Project. The Hope Community Project also brings basic medical provisions and support to those who might otherwise not have them. In the absence of access to a doctor and proper medical supplies and medications even the most minor of infections or ailments can progress into a life threatening situation. The Hope Community Project is facilitating the creation of a self-sustaining clinic in the community where the organization is based, as well as supporting mobile clinics that routinely bring doctors and medical supplies to those who have no other access to medical care.

The Hope Economic Project. Finally, the Hope Community Project supports the development of economic opportunities and viable, self-sustainable business development. Through the use of tools such as micro lending, community development, agricultural entrepreneurship, and employment with the Hope Community Project itself, the project is attempting to help the people of northwest Haiti build a long term, sustainable, growing local economy in the midst of a great deal of adversity and the destruction wrought by the earthquake that ravaged the island nation in 2010.

To learn more about the Hope Community Project visit our website here, and please consider how you might be able to partner with us in helping keep families together and healthy.