President’s Letter

To Our Valued Clients and Potential New Customers:

As fall rushes in I am reminded that we are again near the close of another year.  I hope that things are going well for you this year and that you finish with a prosperous 2011.  I know the last few years have been challenging for many practices.  Although there are still challenges in the recovery of our economy, we are seeing signs that things are turning around, and we look forward to the positive changes ahead.   

One of the goals we have set for ourselves as an agency this year is to open the lines of communication with our clients and business partners.  One way we hope to do this is with our new Keane Group E-Newsletter, which will be sent out quarterly. We are constantly monitoring the medical malpractice insurance market and will use this newsletter to update you on current events and changes that may affect you.  We would also like to hear from you – give us some feedback and interact with us about the issues presented.   

You can also connect with us through our social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  This blog  is another good way to stay updated.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your business.  I value relationships with clients, whether you’ve just joined us or you’ve been a part of the Keane Group the entire 16 years we’ve been in business, you are important to us.  If there is any way we can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact us.


C. John Keane

Additional information about our agency:

The Keane Insurance Group, Inc. is one of the largest brokers of professional liability insurance in the Midwest.  We have access to most medical professional liability insurance companies and can provide coverage for any medical specialty in any state.  With over 5,000 clients in more than 40 states, we continue to grow accross the country.  We have offices in St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, and Austin.  The Keane Group started out offering medical malpractice insurance in Missouri in 1995, and quickly expanded to offer medical malpractice insurance in Illinois and other border states.  Over the years, our commitment to customer service has been the driving force behind our success.  Looking to find out how much it costs to get malpractice insurance in Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Florida, New York?  For a quote in any state, please fill out a quick quote form and we will get in touch with you right away.