The Keane Insurance Group Announces $1,500,000 Lump Sum Disability Insurance for Physicians

The Keane Group, who introduced a Lump Sum Disability Insurance plan for physicians in January 2013, has launched a new enrollment period with a Guaranteed Lump Sum up to $1,500,000. Under the terms of their progressive plan, policyholders will be paid up to $1,500,000 following an accident or illness that prohibits them from practicing medicine in their specialty.

The competitive rates offered under the program are guaranteed for 5 years, and physicians can purchase up to a $5,000,000 benefit with underwriting approval. Because physicians typically do not have enough disability insurance to provide for their families, this is a significant help in closing the gap in case of a career-ending event.

The new insurance plan, which is offered by Lloyd’s of London, provides enhanced benefits to Keane’s policyholders:

1. Physicians will be paid up to $1,500,000 in a lump Sum benefit 12 months after an accident, illness, or stroke prevents them from continuing to work in their medical practice or specialty even though they can continue working in another occupation. (This true “your specialty” definition of disability is necessary to provide the complete protection physicians require.)

2. Physicians can buy up to $1,500,000 benefit without a medical examination or the need to answer medical questions, if they have been actively at work for the past 180 days and have not received disability benefits in the last five years.

3. Physicians can buy up to $1,500,000 benefit in addition to their in-force disability insurance and is not offset or reduced by payments from it.

4. Physicians can increase their limit to as high as $5,000,000 with underwriting approval.

 “We are excited to bring this product to our clients at the best rates available and we are able to provide better service than anyone in the marketplace” commented John Keane, President of The Keane Insurance Group.

Enrollment began June 1st and runs through July 31, 2013 for Keane clients. The enrollment process can be completed online and only takes about 5 minutes. Interested physicians can view a short video and check rates. The site also gives detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

The Keane Insurance Group is an independent broker specializing in risk management solutions for physicians and other healthcare providers, with over 4,000 clients nationwide. The Keane Group is uniquely qualified to provide insurance services for any specialty in any state. For more information about The Keane Group, contact Monte Shields at (800)966-7731 or