NEW! HIPAA Compliant Texting for Physicians

The new and final HIPAA and HITECH rules require healthcare providers to analyze their use and storage of Patient Health Information (PHI) including communication from physicians to colleagues, staff, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  The requirement is to use a secure, encrypted method of communicating PHI and to implement an office policy surrounding that communication.  One of the risks many doctors are facing right now is texting PHI through cell phones or other mobile devices.  Normal texting is not encrypted and the fines and penalties associated with HIPAA violations were just increased significantly.

The solution is Mediprocity!  If we could show you a way that you can text from your phone to another mobile device or laptop or even a desktop computer, you’d probably be interested, right?  What if we could give you the service including the app for free? 

Keane has teamed up with Mediprocity to help our clients achieve and prove HIPAA compliant communication and it’s free for the physician and 2 staff members.  So if you need to send a referral to a colleague, show an x-ray to a specialist, or have your office manager put something in a patient’s file while you’re out of the office, we’ve got your solution!  Click here to sign up for free.  Or call your Keane rep to find out more: 1.800.966.7731.

Read our news release announcing this innovative new product here.