How The Keane Group is Exercising – Pam Gettemeier

Ed and I start each day roughly between 4:15 and 4:40 a.m. (depending on how many times we hit the “SNOOZE”).  By 5-5:15ish, we’re at the gym.  Mon- Fri.  On Saturday we sleep in until 6:30 a.m. and we’re at the gym by 8:00.  I never considered myself a “morning person”, but I guess I’ve converted (begrudgingly…). This has become “a way of life” or one of our “healthier habits.”  Mon –Wed-Fri my workout consists of 20 minutes of Cardio (Elliptical or Bike) and then 35-40 minutes of weights.  Tues-Thurs-Sat I do just Cardio for 45 min or up to an hour and then 5 – 10 minutes of stretching at the end.  We started this about 8 years ago. The last three months, I’ve added “Yoga” into the mix.  I attend a Basic Yoga class, along with Tammy, Debbie and Lauren on Wednesday at St. Anthony’s after work.  I knew NOTHING about “Yoga”, but I’m so glad I decided to join.  Yoga works on strengthening your “core”, plus improves flexibility and balance.  It also teaches you to “quiet your mind” and focus on your breathing.  It’s hard work, but I can definitely say that after 3 months, I feel stronger and more flexible (both mentally and physically) yet, I’m still working on the balance part – I tend to fall over during some poses.  Some of the poses have very funny names, but while you’re in the pose, you really get the name and why – Here’s some of them – downward dog, dolphin, plank, table, cobra, happy baby, child’s pose, warrior.  Yoga actually strengthens your body in much the same way as weight training – The stretches and poses actually cause tiny tears in your muscle and as the tears heal, it makes the muscle stronger.  I HURT after Yoga, but I feel very happy.  I also enjoy the time spent with my friends.  It gives us a chance to bond, laugh at ourselves (and each other).  I’m glad I’ve made the commitment to exercise.  The mental and physical benefits are definitely worth it.  I’m hooked now and although I can’t say I enjoy getting up early, I know it’s part of my life and helps me to be a better “me”.