Keane Insurance Group Posts Record Year in New Insurance Sales

Expansion into new states, comprehensive coverage, and new contracts with insurance carriers helped boost The Keane Insurance Group to a record year for new medical malpractice insurance sales in 2012.  The family-owned company based in Kirkwood, MO experienced more new business last year than in any of the previous 5 years.  Read about the success of the Keane Group in a recent Press Release.

 “Our focus for the last couple of years has been on growing our business nationwide, and in building solid relationships with malpractice insurance companies that are looking to move into new territories,” John Keane, the company’s president, said about the record year.  “With some solid, A-Rated companies and a progressive internet marketing strategy, our sales force has had success in gaining new business all over the country.  We are licensed in all 50 states and now have business in 44,” Keane said.

 Brokers at the Keane Group, specializing in medical professional liability insurance for doctors and other healthcare providers, sold over 500 new policies totaling $9 million in premiums.  The majority of Keane’s existing clients are in its home state of Missouri and throughout the Midwest.  Most of their new business sales in 2012 came from New York, Florida, California, and Texas, among other states.  Providing comprehensive coverage that includes protection for Cyber Liability, HIPAA violations, and RAC audits has set Keane apart from its competition.

 As an independent broker, Keane has access to over 30 different medical malpractice insurance companies.  Having multiple options with solutions to physicians’ insurance needs for any specialty in any state has given Keane more expansion opportunities than in past years.  But Keane is not leaving its Midwest stronghold behind.

 “We will always be committed to providing our Missouri and Midwest clients with the service and the attention they have come to expect,” said Keane.  The Keane Group is one of the largest independent brokers of medical malpractice insurance in the nation.  With over 4,000 clients, Keane is uniquely qualified to deliver the best service and coverage at the best rate for any situation.

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