Why is Endpoint Backup Important?

Keane Technologies helps businesses of all sizes backup data to protect against loss of income and other risks.  Why is endpoint backup important?  Endpoint backup protects data from Ransomeware and other malware, accidental deletions or changes to files, rogue employees deleting or maliciously using data, and the more common risk, lost, stolen, or damaged devices.  When a business uses secure backup services there is a much lower risk of losing data, which provides business continuity and helps to avoid loss of business income.  There is also the added benefit of increased productivity, because a backup provides faster recovery of deleted or lost data.

Endpoint Backup is a Cloud-Based Service Offering:

  • Continuous backup of files and folders keeping data safe
  • Easy access for data restoration
  • Quick help from IT support when necessary
  • Centralized data management
  • 24-hour monitoring of data

One of the most valuable assets a business owns is its data.  Customer lists and information, prospect lists, and the personal data of customers and employees all must be protected and secured to avoid loss of business and integrity.  There are many risks that can be avoided by using cloud-based backup services.

To learn more about Keane Technologies IT services, contact Jamie Mauck at jamie.mauck@keanegroup.com or (314) 966-7733.

In July of 2013 Jamie Mauck joined The Keane Group as the Information Technology Director.  Since then, his main focus has been overseeing technical projects in alignment with organizational goals.  Internally at The Keane Group, Jamie directs the effective delivery of networks, development, and disaster recovery systems and processes.  In addition, Jamie has developed IT clients outside of Keane in healthcare, education, and small business.  His attention to detail and client service has helped grow the services offered by Keane Technologies in the areas of IT Consulting, Managed IT Services, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security, and more.