Shield Your Business from Ransomware

As your business becomes increasingly more digital, you’re using more systems and
running more applications to manage day-to-day operations, share critical information
and complete vital tasks. All of these different devices, back-end systems and
applications generate and exchange an overwhelming amount of data and this will only
continue to increase.

A multitude of different data sources present risk: they have potential vulnerabilities that
make your business an easy target for cybercriminals and ransomware.
Your proprietary data, as well as financial information, may be exposed and, therefore,
vulnerable to an attack.

And the increasing number of employees working remotely and on-the-go has created
more risk, too. With the BYOD (bring-your-own-device) movement on the rise, it’s not
getting anymore difficult for hackers. 74% of organizations either already support or are
planning to support workers using their own devices to get the job done.

Sixty million computers will fail in the next 12 months, and only 1 in 4 laptops are backed up regularly.
When your employees exchange critical business data using smartphones, tablets
and personal laptops they are especially vulnerable to cybercriminals. They can easily
download malicious applications that will infect their devices and hold data hostage.
That’s why we believe in the power of a sustainable and repeatable six-layer process to
protect your business from ransomware:

  1. Patching
  2. Anti-Virus and Network Monitoring
  3. Backup and Disaster Recovery
  4. Endpoint Backup
  5. Secure File Sync and Share
  6. Education and Awareness

Each of these layers help to protect your business.  Keane Technologies can help you put this protection into place so you’ll have better peace of mind.  Get our helpful e-book that explains all the details.  Contact Jamie Mauck at Keane Technologies for help with any questions you may have. or (314) 966-7733

For more information on ransomware and how to protect yourself from it you can download this free ebook from one of our partners, Autotask Endpoint Backup (AEP).